A Sudden & Violent Change

SVC cover

In 2010, Sonia Farmer co-curated an exhibition with Jon Murray at The Hub for the Transforming Spaces art tour that brought together ten Bahamian writers and ten Bahamian artists in creative conversation. Artists were paired with writers to respond to written pieces under the theme “A Sudden and Violent Change.”

The resulting exhibition became a confrontational display of artists at odds with a country ravaged by xenophobia, crime, corruption, and sickness, all hoping for a better day. All ten written pieces and their corresponding visual work in full color reproductions were collected into an anthology published by Poinciana Paper Press with letterpress-printed covers.

Contributing writer included: Xan-Xi Bethel; Christian Campbell; Christi Cartwright; Keisha Lynn Ellis; Helen Klonaris; Janice Lynn; Angelique Nixon; Nakia Pearson; Anku Sa Ra; and Obediah Michael Smith.

Contributing artists included: Lindsay Braynen; Stevie Burrows; Scharad Lightbourne; Jace Mckinney; Susan Moir Mackay; Kishan Munroe; Lavar Munroe; Holly Parotti; Jackson Petit-Homme; and Heino Schmid.


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