In 2009, Sonia Farmer founded Poinciana Paper Press to make handbound limited-edition chapbooks of Caribbean literature, including her own work.

In 2017, she published her fist full-length poetry collection, Infidelities. It can be purchased in Nassau, The Bahamas, at Doongalik Studios or at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Autographed copies of the limited edition book with letterpress-printed covers will soon be available to purchase online at Poinciana Paper Press. Print-on-demand and eBook copies can be found at various online distributors including Amazon.

Limited-edition chapbooks and artists books of her own writing published under Poinciana Paper Press include:

A True & Exact History (2018)

Thorns/Sargassum (2017)

This Is Not a Fairtytale (2016)

Ten Recipes for Disaster (Plus VAT) (2016)

The Overall Record for Being Human (2016)

Offerings Material (2014)

Cutting Teeth/Clipping Feathers (2013)

Grow (2008)

What Becomes Us (2008)