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Featured in the interactive installation “Making Waves”, part of the 2014 Transforming Spaces Art Tour at the Doongalik Studios art gallery, and partner to the sound piece on “Are You A Witness?” these chapbooks contain a single poem in the voices of the infamous female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Reade, as they reflect upon gender, desire & sexuality at their pirate trial.

Bound into the letterpress printed cover is a fold out of the poem printed on one side of a page and a hand-marbled ocean pattern into the other.



two women
prisoners at the bar

are here
to witness your

grand firing
of tongues

do you have witness or
any questions to ask

then go from hence
to the place from

whence you came with
nothing but your memories

which will betray you
by colors and shades

and your voice
clear with longing

but do not forget us sirs
how can you

how can you forget
the thing you once possessed

it still exists out there
without you

a beloved blinking
horizon light

you can’t approach it
it marks a graveyard

ask us how we know
ask us what we have buried

to love in the way we did
piratically feloniously

upon a dear high sea
and below a dear high sea

when you kiss
the tongue of the ocean

it will wreck you
a scattered debris of

insatiable desire
we will tell you a secret

the difference between waves
is one breaks and one takes

and one moves
a shoreline so slowly

you will think your memories
have betrayed you

ask us which ones we are


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