Making Waves / Are You a Witness?

making waves

“Making Waves” (2014) was an interactive installation by Sonia Farmer examining the trial of notorious female pirates Anne Bonny & Mary Read. It was exhibited during the 2014 Transforming Spaces Art Tour under the theme of “Water” at Doongalik Studios.

While listening to an erasure of the original trial transcript, participants were invited to sign as a witness to the trial as Anne & Mary did not present any witness or give recorded testimonial during the proceedings. In exchange, witnesses were invited to take a small handmade chapbook Offerings Material holding a poem by Sonia Farmer in the voice of the female pirates. The chapbook contained hand-marbled paper, the act of which involved capturing the movement of tiny waves on the surface of the water as the ink made contact with the paper.

Here the erasure here and read the accompanying poem here.

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