Moko Magazine: Paper Artworks/Poems by Sonia Farmer


Featured pieces from Sonia’s body of work “Paper Wars” and “Ink Treaties”, along with an artist statement, were published in Issue 4 of Moko Magazine:

“…In 2013, I was invited to pen a poetic response to a tragic event in Bahamian history: the May 10th, 1980 sinking of the Royal Defense Force HMBS Flamingo by Cuban fighter jets and the subsequent death of four of its crew. The event shook Bahamians to their cores, for they realized that they had to fully step into their hard-earned status as an independent nation (from 1973) and diplomatically stand up for themselves. However, for all of its major historical and cultural implications, the event is almost never acknowledged in the public memory or taught in schools, which is why this project is so monumental. I struggled with how to respond to something I was not yet alive to witness. How could I use my own language to address this?…”

Read more here.

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