The Overall Record for Being Human

The Overall Record for Being Human (2016, edition of 50) was a chapbook exhibited in “Tourists Only” at The Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery at Hillside House during the 2015 Transforming Spaces Art Tour.

This chapbook is a response to Sonia’s experience as an employee of Baha Mar during its 2015 bankruptcy crisis. The repurposed school notebook contains a typewritten poem among handwritten notes with phrases lifted directly from Bahamian politicians reflecting changing attitudes towards the development. The cover has been altered to include a photograph of Sonia’s site boots.

Featured excerpt:

“I’m watching the dead demand rights

what do you believe in
here in the life of service

everybody is a push a pin
it’s really all about
hanging on

people like you are crying wolf
with your heart beating

such lazy legitimacy

I was there at the end of it
when the nail
split our brains

we get to keep the world
when we go

this room which we dream of
every time we die
does not change

it’s no wonder
you would like to scream

poor innocent
never give up
that’s a lesson

this hammer belongs to us

when our guests come
to this same old room
let’s see
what they believe”


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