The Art of the Book: A workshop at Fresh Milk

The Art of the Book / Workshop Instructor / March 2016
Fresh Milk Art Platform, Barbados

Sonia Farmer_Art of the Book Flyer2

As part of her month-long artist residency at Fresh Milk in Barbados, Sonia taught a four-part course on book arts. One full day a week, her class of twelve students from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and artistic practices to learn about how to make books and generate content for those books.

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In week one, she introduced the concept and history of book arts and they started with basic folded structures such as the concertina, which they were tasked to fill with an alphabet of their own design.


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In week two, she delved into small presses, zines, and chapbooks, introducing students to simple bound structures such as a pamphlet by making our own poetic anthology together under the name “Fresh Verse.”


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In week three, they explored more complex and sculptural folded projects such as the hexaflexagon, flag book, and tunnel book to create playful collaborative and non-linear narratives: an “exquisite corpse poem” as an accordion book, and an exploration of regional slang in a snake book.


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For their final week, the class dipped into the world of fine binding, each student completing two multi-signature blank notebooks to record future creative endeavors: a an exposed spine hardcover book, and a softcover leather notebook.



Students who took the class say:

“As a book lover with a deep interest in books as beautiful art objects, I leapt at the chance to participate in Sonia Farmer’s Bookmaking workshop at Fresh Milk. Taking us from simple bookbinding techniques to more complicated book construction, Sonia’s guidance was clear, playful, eye-opening and most of all fun. Many of the methods and tools she introduced to us during that workshop are now part of my own mixed media art practice where multilevel construction is also an integral step in my methodology.” – Llanor Alleyne

“Sonia is a wonderfully approachable, knowledgeable and friendly educator.  She created a safe and creative space that was a true delight to explore book arts within. The syllabus was significantly varied and informative enough to keep our very seasoned cohort of artists suitably entertained and delighted throughout.” – Nerys Rudder

“I must say that Sonia’s Art of the Book class was a definite forerunner in all the classes I have ever attended. It was insightful, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable. She took us through centuries of her subject, right up to the present day, covering diverse countries, and a myriad of techniques. We not only were exposed to much that we never knew before, but during the packed sessions, she led us through many practical exercises, providing us with all the materials required, while encouraging us to use our imagination. We were all inspired by her passion and total commitment to her work.” – Deanne Kennedy

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  1. On first hearing about “The Art of the Book” with Sonia Farmer, I was thrilled and signed up the very first chance I got. As a self-taught bookbinder, this would have been my first official class and there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. It was an eye-opening experience, one I would not hesitate to do all over again.The wealth of knowledge Sonia shared was extensive, yet easy to understand and retain. Although I had prior experience, my eyes were opened to the fact that there was so much more to be learned. I was excited! I still use the techniques, tips and tricks Sonia shared with us to this day in my own bookbinding practice. I have also been able to significantly upgrade my tools and materials by use of the rich resources that she shared with us. Sonia was a pleasant, passionate, down-to-earth teacher who made every assignment fun and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed learning under her tutelage. Thank you so much, Sonia!


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