Cutting Teeth/Clipping Feathers


These dual collections examine the events of May 10th, 1980, when Cuban fighter jets sank the Royal Bahamas Defense Force HMBS Flamingo in her own territorial waters, setting off a chain of explosive events that would rock our young country to its core and ask it to step fully into its hard-earned status as an independent nation.

While Sonia Farmer uses existing language from newspapers covering the event to create poetic accounts distorted by memory and time, Obediah Michael Smith’s poetry offers complex investigations into physical, moral, and man-made boundaries.

This chapbook is a creative response to an invitation by Bahamian artist Kishan Munroe to participate in his exhibition, “Swan Song of the Flamingo” exhibited in 2013 at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.

This book, utilizing the do-si-do structure, is hand bound into letterpress printed covers with a linoleum carving printed on handmade paper. It was created and bound at Poinciana Paper Press by Sonia Farmer.

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