Illiterati Story Slam

Started by Orchid Burnside & Sonia Farmer, the Illiterati Story Slam was a monthly event where storytellers took to the stage to share tales under a chosen theme for the top prize. It took place throughout 2014, culminating in a grand slam where the winner, Tina Johnson, received a chapbook deal with Poinciana Paper Press.

The Story Slam was kindly hosted every month at Doongalik Studios. DJ Amero provided sick beats and Orchid Burnside was the hostess with the mostest.

In an article about the story slam, Corinne Lampkin interviewed Sonia and Orchid about the creation of the event:

“…For people who haven’t been published, the story slam can serve as a medium to share pieces with the public. For Farmer, sharing stories has always been something she’s been dedicated to.

“I wanted to create a space where storytelling can thrive — a formal space — because we hear all the time Bahamians are natural storytellers,” said Farmer. “You go to parties and Bahamians are always telling stories. Starting Poinciana Paper Press, I wanted to create a space where writers can share fiction, poetry, anything in between — some sort of stories that add to our conversation about culture.”

Check out a selection of live storytelling on the Illiterati Bahamas YouTube channel.

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