Ten Recipes for Disaster (Plus VAT)

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Ten Recipes for Disaster (2016) is an object of political satire with a DIY zine aesthetic. Often protest materials utilized by marginalized groups to voice specific concerns or bring forth manifestos, zines have historically been political in nature. Sonia created Ten Recipes for Disaster within this context, using humor to highlight and dissect these issues.

Ten Recipes for Disaster was shared widely on social media and exhibited in the Eighth National Exhibition at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Curator of the exhibition Holly Bynoe said of the exhibition:

“…the hope is to challenge artists to think about universality, about the ways in which human beings continue to orbit incongruencies, glitches in experiences and near extinguishment of stories, narratives and ideas. We are sometimes moving at lightning speed through a barrage of thoughts, feelings and contradictions, and as creatives, we struggle to find meaning within our lives and to move beyond producing work that merely mirrors society. Within this, we wonder and question the reality of nurturing cultural legacy in a space that practices cultural amnesia. How do we work to unfix this and how do we pay testament to the complex fragmentation of selfhood?…”

Complete photographic reproduction of the book by Dominic Duncombe/Stop Motion Productions.

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