Writers on Writers: An Interview with Nicolette Bethel

Nicolette Bethel interviews Sonia Farmer for the April 2012 issue of tongues of the ocean:

…toto: All of the poems in this collection are not about Anne Bonny. All the poems that won you the Small Axe prize—

sf: Are the second narrative.

toto: That’s right. They’re not from that section. So what I’m interested in is how you connected, what’s the connector between the two? The same themes, but these are much more personal.

sf: Right. The second narrative sort of comes from my, my own headspace, and sort of my narrative, I guess. Because just like I only in my third year began to really write from a Caribbean place, or a place of Caribbeanness, and Bahamianness, I think that both of the poems are tied together in this sort of way that we reject but also fiercely cling to our loaded identities….

Read more here.

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