A Letter from Paradise

A Letter from Paradise (2016) is a French fold containing a poem from Infidelities. Hand-set in Elizabeth and letterpress-printed onto Nidiggen paper with a silkscreen-printed background pattern, it is accompanied by a  letterpress-printed printed hibiscus image reproduced in photopolymer. Edition of 35.

Shivanee Ramlochan did a close reading of “A Letter from Paradise” as part of Puncheon and Vetiver, “a Caribbean Poetry Codex created to address vacancies of attention, focus and close reading for/of work written by living Caribbean poets, resident in the region and diaspora. During April, which is recognized as ‘National’ Poetry Month, each installment will dialogue with a single Caribbean poem, available to read online. NaPoWriMo encourages the writing of a poem for each day of April. In answering, parallel discourse, Puncheon and Vetiver seeks to honour the verse we Caribbean people make, to herald its visibility, to read our poems, and read them, and say ‘more’.”

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