2017 Caxton Club Grant

Sonia Farmer Caxton Club

Sonia has received the generous support of The Caxton Club in Chicago for her artist book, A True & Exact History.

The Caxton Club is a Chicago-based organization of “enthusiastic bibliophiles: collectors, conservators, designers, binders, printers, librarians, editors, booksellers, publishers, and others interested in the book.” In addition to hosting speakers at their luncheons and meetings, they provide grants for students of book arts in the Midwest.

Sonia was one of four MFA candidates in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book to receive the 2017-2018 grant. The grant made it possible for Sonia to complete her artist book, A True & Exact History. Being an erasure of one of the most formative descriptions of the English Caribbean in the seventeenth Century, this project aims to use the language and thematic drives at the core of this text to disrupt the teleology of colonial Caribbean history. Culled from Richard Ligon’s 1657 guidebook, A True and Exact History of Barbadoes, poetic fragments with an unreliable narrator and a shifting landscape interrogate the idea of total history within the Caribbean region and call into question what it means to write “a true and exact history” of anything.

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