Interviewing the Caribbean: Winter 2018

A collaborative piece by Sonia Farmer and Marion Bethel was included in the Winter 2018 issue of “Interviewing the Caribbean” under the theme “Gender Justice.”

Interviewing the Caribbean cover

Their collaboration began with Sonia’s 2015 installation, “Elect Ya Tings”, which “sought to draw attention to the existing damaging narratives of gender politics in The Bahamas, driven by male powers in political and religious institutions.”

In response to a selection of these images, Bahamian attorney, poet, and human rights and gender activist Marion Bethel drafted a series of bantu poems:

“A two-line poetic form from the Bantu people of Africa, their generation process is traditionally collaborative as one person provides an image for the written response from another. This call and response creates striking metaphors in few words, making it the perfect tool to extract the visceral core of these slogans and motivate the public to examine our Bahamian reality. Driving this collaboration was our mutual commitment to the message, “It’s time to change the story.” Through this intersection of text and image, the artists ultimately hoped to create a shift in consciousness amid a partisan environment.”

IC feature 2018

Read more and purchase the issue here. 


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