Kingdom Come

NE6 calalogue

In 2012, Sonia Farmer helped to design the artist catalogue for the Sixth National Exhibition at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas under the theme “Kingdom Come”:

“…The narratives of endings and beginnings, life and death, positive and negative, are by no means new but, somehow in their most basic forms, are still central to the core understanding of ourselves and the greater story that we fit into. Here, 50 sophisticated minds tell their stories, afforded the perfect opportunity to delve into a subject as complex and relevant as the apocalypse, understood as the destruction of life as we know it, a wiping clean of the slate, and the possibilities that may bring…”

While Sonia prompted the structural design and printed the box, Denise See completed the graphic design. Many volunteers folded, collated and assembled the final catalogue in an edition of 400.

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