Youth In-Visions Spotlight

UNDP vid credit-Nadia-Huggins

In 2012, Sonia Farmer was one of of four Bahamians featured in the Youth-IN Visions video project by the United Nations Development Program for her cultural contributions as a young creative entrepreneur.

Youth-IN Visions “…highlights the stories and lives of 30 Caribbean Youth who are working through various fields and interest to shape and change the dynamics of their communities. Through collaboration, the Youth-IN portal will disseminate information on initiatives, activities and cooperation among young people in the field of art, education, culture, entrepreneurship, environment protection, tourism heritage and ICT and to facilitate community, national, regional and global sharing of knowledge and information.”

In an interview with curators of the Caribbean platform for Youth IN-Visions, Holly Bynoe and Nadia Huggins shared their thinking behind their selections:

“…The hope, they say, is for the project to examine what it’s like to be young and dynamic in The Caribbean, allowing the webisodes to negotiate a new identity for the region. “I think that people have this idea of what the Caribbean is and I think in many ways it has damaged us,” Holly Bynoe points out. “So I think we need to get our act together and export the true reality of what’s happening in the Caribbean.”

“It’s important that we have movement post- independence, and I think a lot of young people are thinking about autonomy in different ways,” she continues. “I think once you get to that idea of what independence means and how it can function and make something for yourself and not follow previous outdated models of doing things, then it becomes really interesting because you get to analyze the space as a whole.”

Applicants for the project already display this strong sense of self-awareness and the keen ability to not only identify shortcoming in their communities, but also the drive and resourcefulness to improve those gaps despite the inherent challenges of such living spaces. As their first stop on their travels to complete the project, The Bahamas provided fifteen applicants to the pair. However, they selected only four individuals whose projects and organizations are making revolutionary strides across segments of Bahamian society—in arts and culture (Poinciana Paper Press), entrepreneurship and the economy (Islandz), environmental awareness and preservation (Young Marine Explorers) and youth empowerment (Bahamas National Youth Council)…”

Read more of this interview here and watch the complete video here.

Photograph: Nadia Huggins

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