The Collaborative Process: Text & Book

I Speak in Tongues workshop - Sonia & Shivanee UB

The Collaborative Process: Text & Book / Workshop Instructor
22nd March, 2019
Blue Flamingo Literary Festival, University of The Bahamas

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Sonia designed this daylong workshop for twelve students to explore various processes in generating and presenting text of a collaborative nature. Interacting with classmates and also working on their own, Sonia lead students with collaborative and experimental prompts to form narratives, such as the exquisite corpse group poem, a story prompted by stamps, short group poems, and erasure of newspaper articles. Using hands-on tutorials, they then explored the book structure as a storytelling tool that challenges the fixed and linear trope of reading.

Shivanee Ramlochan - Blue Flamingo workshop

This course was taught as a two-day collaborative workshop with Trinidadian writer Shivanee Ramlochan, who was visiting Nassau to take part in a special artist talk with Sonia at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas about their artist book, The Red Thread Cycle, which was on display in the Ninth National Exhibition, “The Fruit & The Seed”. Shivanee’s workshop, “How we Collaborate with Every Writer We’ve Ever Loved: A Seminar Workshop in Claiming Your Poetic Tribe as An Act of Honouring Your Voice” led students to explore (re)claiming their poetic voice with all its influences on proud display.

Sonia Farmer - The collaborative process - Blue Flamingo 7

Students who took the class say:

“This workshop was a poet’s and book-lover’s dream come true. Sonia’s resplendent attitude and masterful teaching not only seen in her poetic and book-making craft, but most importantly seen in her empathic touch, made the workshop beyond memorable–it was transformative. Inasmuch, the atmosphere Sonia crafted during the workshop was entertaining (she cracks lots of jokes), relatable, critical and instructive–it was a real treat to be around.” – Ide Thompson

“Sonia’s writing class is just what I’ve been needing – a place to play, imagine, and learn new ways to present my poetry. Her classes are effortlessly fun and amusing, and she teaches bookmaking in a way that makes you feel like you are a child again, in art class, learning how to channel your creativity for the very first time.” – Letitia Pratt

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