In Conversation: Sonia Farmer & Shivanee Ramlochan

In Conversation - Sonia Farmer and Shivanee Ramlochan NAGB

As part of their programming for NE9: The Fruit and The Seed, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas hosted Sonia Farmer & Shivanee Ramlochan in an intimate conversation about their collaborative experience on the artist book project The Red Thread Cycle, on display in the national exhibition. After the discussion, Sonia led a hands-on guided exploration of the seven books and how they engage with Shivanee’s poetic narratives for the audience (and the author who handled the books for the first time!) Hear their entire conversation and watch the demonstration here.*

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The artists wish to express their deep gratitude to The National Art Gallery for making Shivanee’s visit to Nassau possible. Thank you, Chief Curator Holly Bynoe for facilitating this vulnerable and necessary conversation, and thank you Jackson Petit-Homme for beautifully capturing the evening and the books. Thank you also to the University of The Bahamas who invited the artists to teach a special workshop as part of this programming in collaboration with the 2019 Blue Flamingo Festival.

*TW: Sexual violence.

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